Exploring New Ground

Inspiring our readers with the knowledge that both human consciousness and the entire cosmos are infinitely more amazing than we can imagine, is of paramount importance in these times; and for us at Arago Press it is a mission that we wholeheartedly embrace.

In many ancient cultures the Creation was fulfilled through the Verb. Thus words are magical in their power to effect change and bring reality into being. We strive to be alchemists of words in the laboratory of the Universe.

Our consciousness titles include not only thought-provoking and inspirational books, but also guided meditation CDs. We are exploring new territory by including a left-brained approach to examining right-brained themes of metaphysics, higher mind potential, spirit communication, the nature of the afterlife, and paranormal phenomena — while using the lenses of both science and spirituality.

Our Namesake

The Pacific Northwest's beautiful Oregon Coast is our spiritual home — and it is here that lies our namesake, Cape Arago. And behind the name of the Cape, is the 18th Century French experimental scientist and statesman, Francois Arago. He was instrumental in promoting the wave theory of light (inspiration for our logo design of particle versus wave), delineating the Rose Line meridian that runs through Paris, and for supporting patronage for the development of photography — to name a few! Our alignment with the Arago name connects us to both the natural wonder of land and sea, and to a wonder in human vision and thinking.

And it is in this tradition that we continue our work...

Looking south from Cape Arago
Looking south from Cape Arago, Oregon